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The best choice of new sites Ali mother

if you set up a new station, just do a good job, is not much traffic, traffic or less, even the basic ICP record information are not perfect, SEO is on, almost not be included, the case believe that each site is experienced, because we are from the new start of the


the reason why choose Ali mother a lot, the first reason is that Baidu and Google two advertising do not, I was kicked out, but another way out. Find the Ali Mama, which is also a lot of twists and turns, the domain name was previously used, and are bound, had a tremendous effort to fix. Finally, Ali’s mother appeared on my website. What a joy ah. read more

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Gome online March 1st push bill of financial products’ beauty


technology news February 27th evening news, Gome online today announced officially launched the first notes of financial products in March 1st — "beautiful notes". It is understood that the United States is known to bank acceptance bills as investment targets of a bill to guarantee financial products, the expected annual yield will be in the range of 6%-8%. Huang Xiangping, vice president of the United States, said the bill is the United States and the United States in 2015 financial network layout of the Internet is a major business. read more

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CN domain name in the world behind the first story

in 2008 January Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) held the "China Internet Development Statistics survey report" conference, I had predicted in 2008 at least 3 Chinese Internet will appear first in the world: the number of the number of Internet users, broadband Internet users and the number of top-level domain name. At present, the number of Internet users has been the world’s first, to May 2008, the country’s top domain name has become a number one in the world. Although the number of broadband Internet users in the world has not yet been verified, but I believe this day should be far away. If not surprisingly, this day should be released in July this year, CNNIC twenty-second statistical report of the day. So, I very happy. read more

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You should pay attention to when you buy the domain name

myself in a new network agent that registered a www.***.com (in order to avoid the AD suspects hereby remove specific site address), explain the 24 hours after the entry into force, the individual areas still can not open the site.

space program is also no problem, the space is bound to the international domain name. Because the space comes with 2 domain names can visit the site, but also explain another international domain name to visit the domain name all the normal.

was the first big, that the domain name interpretation may not take effect in individual areas, which know 3 days after the problem is still. Asked the space business, the space business is also a question mark. read more

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Ali Open Cloud electricity supplier platform users more online shopping

every large electricity providers to promote, nature is a shopping spree in the season. However, "congestion, products by Rob, delivery delay, goods confusion, derivatives is often online shopping enthusiasts have to bear"".

"one of the biggest reasons is the business of IT order synchronization delays," July 10th, Ali group, Tmall and Ali cloud network announced the joint launch of the poly spire data platform, provide cloud services for Tmall and Taobao platform, electricity providers and electricity supplier service providers, businesses will be safe and stable, flexible upgrading, data push, the data integration of cloud services, consumers will thus be determined more security services. Wang Xiawen read more

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Today (2006-11-21) domain deletion recommendation

100× more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today……

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A pen a big money, the mainstream of the group buying site

non mainstream group is relatively similar to the current imitation Groupon mainstream buy in terms of today, a pen to share with you is a non mainstream buy birthday cake buy network, money way!

Groupon of the group purchase website is totally imported in Chinese, Chinese type group purchase website for Groupon imitation is quite thorough, button layout, process, Copy. So that even the founder of Andrew Mason Groupon are helpless, said, they even our wrong place to imitate, a pen that can make the initial imitation of the company quickly start, less detours. But in the process of development, it is necessary to innovate and develop their own core competitiveness. At present, glutinous rice, beauty group, full, Sohu group, QQ group, club……… And so on, regardless of the site design, business models are exactly the same, with the increased competition, industry reshuffle will be inevitable! read more

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The home appliances to the countryside to promote development of the industry China appliances eager

February 1st is the "home appliances to the countryside" in the first anniversary of the formal implementation of the country, in February 1st is a festival of Chinese household electrical appliances, it is worth remembering.

in February 1, 2009, the Chinese people’s first home appliances to the countryside, the great project began in the country to implement a nationwide consumer action for a period of four years in china. Since then, the country has also introduced a "car to the countryside", "old for new", "energy saving" and many other supporting policies. After the unremitting efforts of the Chinese people for a year, the Chinese household electrical appliance gradually smoothed out the trauma caused by the international financial crisis, and the "V" type inversion in the Chinese household appliance industry. read more

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Suning acquisition red child vertical electricity supplier whether there is a way out

in 9.25, Suning acquisition red children came to a close, eventually Suning for $66 million price to complete the acquisition, but this thing for us leaving no small vertical electricity supplier marketing, electricity supplier in the winter, the vertical electricity supplier whether there is a way out, we should be back to their own way. It is time to move on? Or to be acquired, or the other, here, the author give some business example your own point of view, hope can be friends recognized.

vertical electric is always makes me feel a kind of mode of the market, Taobao started from the grand bazaar, with Tmall, the Jingdong brand mall, the rest is the thousands on thousands of vertical portal website, but the development of the electricity supplier website is not ideal, many electricity providers have closed down, like to see an article "2012 business closures — death business arrangement" is finishing so much electricity, but if the vertical electric no way out, but not necessarily, because a lot of business sites still use their own strength and the idea of a strong rise, development efforts, let the author tidy. read more

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Ali CEO Zhang Yong Ali rural Taobao has exceeded ten thousand villages

Taobao University Seminar on the first anniversary of the county business conference held in Hangzhou, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced at the meeting, Taobao rural village service site has more than 10000, covering more than 20 provinces.

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong


technology news December 29th noon news, Taobao University Seminar on the first anniversary of county business conference held in Hangzhou, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced at the meeting, Taobao rural village service site has more than 10000, covering more than 20 provinces. read more

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The rebate of the war, the future of the shopping guide website how to go

recently on rebate network frequently "sword", that is bidding for the rebate, fatal, Taobao was the biggest partner, so their own really can let Former friends become enemies with each other., debilitating, but these are not fatal, or still life. To outsiders, this is Taobao bidding is the ruthless hand, great meaning be beneath the human character, the rebate dying spare none. But standing on the point of view of Taobao, he is just doing to maintain and consolidate their position, the other is understandable. read more

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Ningbo introduction of the first domestic network consumer dispute resolution approach

from thousands of wars to fall into the business tide, from as low as 90 percent off discount to discount service…… Buy industry tide rise and fall, just a few years after several rounds of shuffling. Low barriers to entry, consumer rights difficult, norms and regulations and other factors, so that the industry gradually become the bottleneck of the group buying. And this situation will change –

regulation fill in the blank, open a new era of group buying

Ding An painted read more

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Content determination value — the survival way of B2B website

according to statistics, 09 years China B2B e-commerce transactions was 1 trillion and 860 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%, up to 09 years, the number of e-commerce application ability of small and medium-sized enterprises has reached 3995.6 million, compared with growth of 3.8% in 08 years. The use of third party B2B e-commerce services for the number of SMEs in, accounting for the proportion of SMEs is 42.6%. And this is in 09 years by the financial crisis, the global economy’s background. With the continuous recovery of the global economy, in 2010, e-commerce in the country is ushered in the development of a blowout, the various sectors of the B2B website. Ma had expected, the domestic e-commerce website is currently going through a period of 5 years the golden period of development, large and small B2B website, how in the limited period, to survive in the cruel elimination rule in read more

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To people after 80 entrepreneurs business behind Xu Huan

business card:

Company name: Beijing

network the number of Polytron Technologies Inc (formerly Beijing Youlian Huitong Technology Co. Ltd.)

founded: 2005

founder: Xu Huan

company website:

team size: 100+

When the

electronic commerce to later speed into to "trillion" as the unit of time, so many traditional industries to the huge pressure in the feeling at the same time, more is to make up their own development short board urgent.

insight into the line of business net eager demand, the number of the whole network of Beijing Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: the whole network’s number) came into being. This is a telecommunications, radio and television operators and enterprises to provide e-commerce solutions to provide a full range of technology oriented companies. The company has successfully landed three new board listed in December 21, 2012. read more

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Web2.0 era of e-commerce in 2010 still need to open up new markets

in the financial crisis storm, Web2.0 emerged after the entrepreneurial boom ended abruptly in 2009, the user on the market, only a handful of new applications popular; the capital market, investors flocked to the scene is no more. PT37 intelligent e-commerce information platform is the first Chinese to WEB2.0 for the development of the concept of the Internet e-commerce trading platform, application and service in the development of the Internet and other technologies, makes the enterprise at the heart of the enterprise whenever and wherever possible, information management, information technology, e-commerce market and trading. The prospect of the Internet in 2010, due to the impact of the financial crisis is still in, and the competition is very full, the Internet industry the possibility of cross age popular applications is very small, so the major Internet Co will continue cultivating the existing business to open up new markets to enhance the performance of. read more

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B2C enterprises landing low cost advantage in doubt

has been in the online marketing Eslite has started advertising "landing" to the bus station. More than go under the Internet and Eslite sales catalogue is Mcglaughlin and DHC enterprises. Reporter visited found in the traditional channel network of stores, online sales channels fired with the destruction of goods and brand in the traditional channel, but Nandi native brand store. B2C enterprise "landing", whether the advantage of low cost light still there is a big challenge, new channel customers can recognized is also worth looking forward to. read more

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The bad market lock Baidu Taobao nternet brand reshape urgently

since the United States trade in this Monday will be included in the Baidu Taobao counterfeit and pirated products "notorious markets list, caused a discussion of the industry. Because China three giants of the Internet, in addition to Tencent, the two settled in "notorious markets". On this matter, Baidu and Ali are not responding. Although Baidu and Ali to be steadfast, but Congress will pass legislation to provide new authorized U.S. courts to block the sale of pirated and counterfeit products of foreign websites. This is for Baidu and Taobao’s overseas markets, brand damage is inevitable. read more

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11 report Tmall is the most expensive Suning cheap


technology news news November 10th, the largest annual electricity supplier promotions will be officially started tonight, business research firm iResearch released the "2015 report" double eleven online shopping price, November 7th -11 month 9, the electricity supplier platform to carry out the dynamic consumption data of pre-sale and the whole network neutrality monitoring based on the results of open commodity price trend double the eleven brightest electricity supplier behind the tyrannical fight. The report shows that Tmall is the most expensive, followed by Jingdong, Suning cheapest. read more

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Taobao and the seller shipped a total of 3 mo delay will be penalized


] December 3rd news billion state power network, the day before the breach, adjustment rules, if the seller after 3 consecutive sentenced according to the agreed time delivery, although pay a penalty, but will still be deducted 3 points.

in the previous rules, Taobao only provides that if the seller is not determined in accordance with the provisions of the contract, in the case of Taobao’s official manual intervention, the seller did not take the initiative to pay liquidated damages to the user, will be deducted 3 points. read more

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How to use blog to bring business opportunities

is not a fashionable blog, but a need. The rapid development of the Internet has changed the rules of the operation of the enterprise, more and more enterprises to take up the blog marketing. In order to favor the blog marketing, blog marketing can bring benefits to the enterprise?

‘s blog can enable enterprises to carry out two-way communication with customers with low cost.

enterprise can put forward some problems in the blog or publish some information, readers can comment, the comment can understand customer views on the behavior of enterprises, enterprises can respond to customer comments. The enterprise can also set up the link of the online questionnaire directly in the blog article, so that the interested customers can participate in the investigation. On the one hand, we can expand the scale of the investigation group, on the other hand, we can avoid the inconvenience caused by the traditional research methods, improve the enthusiasm of the customers to participate in the research, and the effectiveness of the research information. Through two-way interactive communication and communication. Effectively pass the information to the real customers and potential customers, build up the high quality customer experience, cultivate the customer’s loyalty to the brand. read more