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n three we need to change the view of Shanghai Dragon

rapid development of the Internet in this one world, especially in China, whether you are a new e-commerce site or traditional personal website, the website for Shanghai dragon requirements has been quietly changing, is the so-called wise, for our Shanghai dragon Er can according to this can be changed according to the view of the changes of the times is the real Shanghai dragon er. Then I will elaborate in the following several points we need to change.

the simple share this.

as many novice beginners Shanghai Longfeng, may have been so with, Shanghai dragon is to organic with the search engines to get good rankings. But from my actual experience, as a site is not simply said that as long as your ranking up flow will follow up, the opposite is not good ranking does not mean that your traffic is poor. As a Shanghai dragon Er, we can not only in the rankings to the horn, we also should focus on key words, words of what conversion rate is more high, as a 贵族宝贝cunwu.cuncun8贵族宝贝 site before I do, the key words of "the site of the public affair in Shanghai love home first a position, but the actual situation is from the village public traffic is the key recently pitiful. read more

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How to carry out effective optimization to the railway station

Internet fire, with micro-blog fire, with a bunch of people who love the Internet began the Shanghai dragon line, different new sites began to online, is Shanghai dragon rookie, that we can’t even lose at the starting line. That how to give new sites for effective promotion, let it quickly get traffic.

1. forum propaganda. The forum is the most popular place, you can go to the forum to publicize your stand, you stand with keyword registration account, hang up your station signature in the forum, at the forum in the active site, to promote their standing in the forum, it is really very simple, should be how to do this is not to say, I think we all know. read more

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How to do the long tail keywords drainage

down, the final result is to search for the key words, the first 20 pages are our articles.

of course easy to say, hard to do. That is because many people do not grasp the details of the operation. Here I will share with you a long tail word forming closure execution scheme:

love Shanghai doesn’t give us the enterprise station page ranking, it is very simple, we went to Shanghai to love the inside pages of the site to do the long tail word. We use these high weight website (such as Sina, Renren, Youku, love Shanghai and other products) within the page, released through a large laying soft, to seize the long tail word of their own, this is the long tail word closure strategy. read more

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My web spider is a spider monologue pashui


4: I can easily get lost, so if you want to guide me, you have to your website each page write a separate title, especially some of the product page column page. If you do, a good title will guide me crawl in your site.

Hello, I am a spider. Don’t panic, I’m not the kind of spinning, look scary, so a little spider venom secretion. I’m spider, you can not see me. But don’t think not to despise me Oh, many webmaster want to please my house, I have to look at his house decorated my taste? If so, I will go every day, if the out of order, cut, I never go to that is possible. I was so great, because I was a spider, I am afraid. read more

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Love Shanghai, update the search results to improve visual experience

simplifies the search results. Thinking to our


actually in about a week ago, I found 360 search also appeared in search results to simplify the web site, only to retain the main domain name case (pictured) was found after feeling a bit strange, but because it is part of the case is not really. Now love Shanghai has a comprehensive search results. The simplified adjustment, who first thought of doing so, or two is the heart, or what… I don’t know.

search results. Simplified visual still looks good. The overall feeling of a lot of fresh, give people the feeling that spring summer feeling. Some friends may feel simplifies the web site, is not conducive to the recognition of the URL page, but the search for users, they do not care about the specific URL don’t even know what a URL is, as long as they can access the web on it. read more

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How to select and set up Shanghai Longfeng keywords



1. keywordsThe

from the definition of it is not difficult to see that the research is so important keywords. Keywords research significance is mainly reflected in the following 4 aspects.

(1) to ensure that the target keywords people search


(2) to reduce the difficulty of optimization

keyword informationKeywords

The concept of

on the role of search engines, is every Shanghai Longfeng people should be here, not too much ado, here is what keywords.

Keywords Keywords The read more

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To effectively solve the three methods included duplicate page

for a page in the search engine included repeated several times I do not know is good or bad, and according to the author, this is not really what good phenomenon. After all, this will give your site included excessive repetition, and is not conducive to the website optimization. So, the web page is repeatedly included, according to my experience, have a certain impact on the ranking weight, therefore, to solve this kind of problem, help your website to normalization is necessary.


Cache read more

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The search widget applications ranked micro-blog application rate on the news

NBA star Kobe results page micro-blog micro

is the first application of a micro micro news, and click rate is more. The main function of the micro display and the news is words related news and information, including the headlines and some recommended news, click more can also enter into the information channel, browse more content. The micro news in the background just set the corresponding keywords, can search for content, to ensure display news is the latest information content. Due to the user’s browsing habits, browse multiple news, so news widget CTR ranking. read more

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Our analysis entity enterprise how to sheep do network promotion

two a little pull far, mainly for a long time did not write things, at the beginning of his true feelings to write out, want to read this article the young don’t the premature end of reading, in fact, dry cargo still behind, not because of the habit of writing and affecting everyone’s reading habits, really dry cargo in the back. I think I went through two business entities this year’s true feelings presented to you, to those in the confused period of friends have a more clear explanation on their own, in the future occupation planning to go better, more stable, faster to reach a certain height. read more

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Looking back, talk about the future of Shanghai Longfeng work some ideas and opinions

now Shanghai dragon has become a hot job, a lot of recruitment websites can see the corresponding demand, and with the development of the Internet will be given more responsibility in the future will not only optimize >

algorithm change, link strategy was banned, Shanghai Longfeng company went bankrupt, Shanghai dragon becomes transparent and simple, which has been communicated to the outside world a message with the increase in the number of Shanghai dragon related practitioners, industry competition will be more intense, not only is the way to change, some affiliated industries will bring development opportunities, such as the Shanghai dragon training and personal Shanghai Longfeng optimization team. read more

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6.22 love 6.28 Shanghai event one after K still need to reflect on the station

At one time the

event owners to come back, a little calm for a long time, there is a month, these days there have been K station, it is found in the side, Arjuna, is an expert of network products, I also pay more attention to his blog, he ran for two people the forum station now, but now there are a few days ago also pulled the hair.

In addition to

recently love Shanghai more strictly to the website, we as a webmaster should also be properly reflect. Website content is king, all know, but really is seldom done, or generally to the original content is too difficult, especially as an information station, I currently do this blog, but also hope the original has been down, with some of their own experience and found to give you help. I hope you can give some supplement and correct. read more

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Stand in the city development perspective of Shanghai Dragon

well, the internal construction of the city, to spread our city, the general city external promotion is advertising in CCTV and other major media, the main push is the characteristic of the city, take our website external promotion, want to get traffic, it is necessary to have their site features, and then use the advertising form issued to the corresponding platform. There is an exchange of advertising signs, take me home to see today on the bus stop advertising, A city on B City advertising, B city on A City advertising, so that the formation of the effect of advertising exchange, take my "Chinese etiquette celebration" the website says, I take it with another exchange website advertising or a kind of Links. The development of the city does not require any form of advertising, also need to have a good reputation, the reputation of others, as long as the thought of a specialty or character of the city, will be the first thought of target city, website development is the same reason, as long as the word done in place, the net search related. read more

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Ren Debao a letter to Shanghai dragon Er novice

mouth is not Shanghai dragon, to come up with do, can say do not want Shanghai dragon, can carry out each step of the operation. Shanghai dragon is good prospects in the past ten years, the future will have more people into this industry, I hope they see this article as soon as possible, to choose a correct road Shanghai dragon is the only way we, the industry will have greater development. If the day is everywhere in Shanghai Longfeng moralizer, I think the industry is nearing its end.

Delisle share network 贵族宝贝 please keep the link for read more

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Shanghai, the combination of SMO and take the road of the brand is the future operation of the site

Hu Rong: sharing is actually to do around the SMO, new topics in the Shanghai dragon extends. The website is in addition to the new flow, active access search engine by means of. Similarly, a behavior is also recommend sharing users, so share more users, we also believe that this piece of web content. So now we have built the URL users to share directly into the mechanism of love Shanghai crawler list. It is hoped that such content can be found as soon as possible love Shanghai reptile. At the same time, the number of share in the search results to show, help the user search. So on the website, is a new operation of weapons." read more

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Seven share notes linkbait production

, first select objects: to link bait is a link, can give site links not ordinary users, but the webmaster, blogger and active member. So the first thing to consider is the webmaster needs rather than ordinary users needs. Want to know this kind of people are more interested in what the right direction, effort, or effort.

Seventh, the length of

advertising link bait is for the construction of the external links, we can be understood as a kind of advertising, but never with a lot of ads in them. No matter how good the content if with a lot of ads in which also can let a person produce reverse psychology. The content should be practical, interesting and creative principle. read more

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Recall some opinions after Shanghai Dragon

until I discovered a period of time, Shanghai dragon is not so simple. For example, Taobao guest website, a Taobao IP only ten to twenty guest website every day can give the webmaster brought hundreds of income, and I was the site every day IP can have one hundred to two hundred but no turnover, these shows Shanghai dragon effect and no imagination of so divine. A mature website used in the marketing strategy and design, key page details etc.. These benefits are brought to the site than the Shanghai dragon role, people can not help but be struck dumb. The author after pondering and thinking constantly, to share some ideas of the methods of Longfeng Shanghai: read more

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Shanghai dragon search engine ranking factors

page title

with the link text links in the search engine algorithm is also very important in the. Help to improve the page ranking. Now I just exchange by selecting the appropriate pages of a chain, in this piece of work.

could you webmaster will find a new domain name in the rankings will be more difficult than the old domain name to, this is because of the friendly search engine for website age is relatively high, so the webmaster, one thing we must do is wait for the old, "".

5. domain age read more

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Summary several ways to do website internal links

on the breadcrumb navigation concept as well as the effect of many on the Internet, simply, breadcrumb significance is clearly inform the user what is the current location of the site, the user navigation through the pages quickly to higher, this is the design of navigation should be opened in the current window.

(4) if I want to use pictures as the site navigation links, then the picture is optimized, with links to the main picture page keywords as ALT content, also in the picture under the collocation a text link as auxiliary; read more

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Shanghai Longfeng long-term steady otherwise behind

website ranking and traffic improvement and stabilization, cannot be said to be accomplished. Shanghai is not the result of the process of a dragon. There are some sites no longer continue to do Shanghai Longfeng, ranking can be stable for a long time, and some websites are falling behind, optimization is likely to result in ranking and flow down slowly.

The cause of the decline of

in many aspects, first, the search engine algorithm to improve the

some degree of concern is up

algorithm changes nobility baby every year, a daily average of more than once. Love Shanghai almost every week change. Before the effect of Shanghai Dragon technology, now may no longer be valid. Before we did not pay attention to, the search engine may quietly increase the algorithm of weight. For example, four or five years ago, the number of the most important external links, then slowly transformed into the quality to win, then the anchor text is more and more important, the recent anchor text weight seems to have declined. The optimization of the page, the same words, H1 before the weight is higher, nearly two years of decline, the picture text weight increased ALT. These small changes can cause website ranking, flow fluctuation. Shanghai Longfeng personnel must be accumulated for a long time, attention to the search engine algorithm change, when necessary to make improvements to the website. read more

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The five major factors influencing the B2C website

repeat size


"self weight

in the name of the first row is the site of self weight, because the weights of the website height determines the SE attention to you "level, the higher the degree of attention, the total time of the spider crawling more long, the depth will be more deep, so you also included will be faster, for some weight is not particularly high the site, even if the original article, also need some time to record, which is decided by the frequency and the spider crawling website. It is the most important element. read more