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Entrepreneurs see VC on the eve of he is not love me

Abstract: "we are investing in this type of company," he said as he walked into the elevator. He was so confident that he put his coat on his briefcase. He was happy with a smile. He is very happy and harvard. Finally, we’re going to get the money.

I talked to the venture investor on Wednesday. He said his decision was "quick."". He says the best thing about his Vc firm, not the "other" companies, is that it’s no problem making quick decisions. read more

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Ali CEO Wei Zhe B2B three, four, two hole rate!

Wei Zhe proposed Chinese B2B industry history far exceeds the B2C business, but has not ushered in a large outbreak, a large factor is the law of development of the industry and the development of the real economy on the contrary, when the recession has B2B industry growth.

he also pointed out that B2B is the cake industry rather than making a cake, cut into the platform vertical industry must meet the "fight", "poly", B2B2.0 is a chemical reaction, the financial attribute is born, need to meet the "three poor" – regional difference, the scale difference and time difference; expansion needs to pay attention to the "four the rate of" coverage rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability. Finally, Wei Zhe remind B2B entrepreneurs do not fall into the "two hole" subsidy trap, only pay attention to KPI transactions. read more

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Only those who do not venture will be able to succeed in business

Abstract: in today’s Internet, there are many creative ideas by using the pseudo demand excessive speculation out, played the game of capital entrepreneurs must clear it, but why would anyone want to throw money behind this? The biggest reason lies in "speculation" above.

entrepreneurship can not be more substantial, less chicken soup?

Now open the

news website is: out of public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship is not difficult, 90 million CEO won the XXX project financing, valuation billion, and encourage entrepreneurship articles and so on, and the following comment a point like. After reading, feel entrepreneurship is really very easy, a group of 35 people, covers idea, a PPT can get millions of investment. Is it really easy to do business online as those articles say read more

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American Silicon Valley in the business circle around it tells the truth that we hit on Entrepreneur

Abstract: light comedy "Silicon Valley" (Silicon Valley) recently in the third quarter business circle hot, watercress score is also very good performance, up to 9.5 points. This drama tells the truth many, including how to find the best application direction, dismissal to be decisive, you should pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights of the core, valuation and financing amount is not necessarily better.

HBO technology venture theme comedy "Silicon Valley" (Silicon Valley) recently in the third quarter business circle hot, watercress score is also very good performance, up to 9.5 points. In fact, as early as in 2014, HBO launched the "Silicon Valley" in the first quarter, China has translated into "Silicon Valley" or "black history of Silicon Valley group blind biography", of course the name of a biased one or two, as it is directly translated into "Silicon Valley" is better. But when using search engine to find the latest drama resources and related drama a little trouble. read more

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Entrepreneurs must see how to evaluate the business model to make money is the hard truth

Abstract: although such as Jingdong, like Amazon well-known listed companies, is still at a loss (or losses based), but the annual revenue size, user scale is growing, which makes investors and creditors are full of confidence for the future, I believe it can in the future profitability, and bring high returns.

in the discussion of business models, to determine whether their idea is feasible, can be judged from many aspects, here is a PL based on (Loss, Profit&). In fact, in the course of the business, I found this method applies to venture capital to determine the project, entrepreneurs innovative business logic. read more

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Breast cancer will really genetic ‘s health network

, especially for those who had seen their mothers suffer from cancer, this concern is even greater. Genes are the only master of fate?. Some of our future health may be genetically determined, but at least part of the initiative is in our hands. Genetic factors may be 1 times more likely to develop a disease than a normal person, but a right decision, a more scientific way of life, can reduce the risk of illness to a minimum.

we please experts for the family genetic diseases in some of the most representative has done a detailed analysis, let women in busy for work at the same time can timely and effectively establish health awareness, to take precautions. read more

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The woman cup more easy to sick ‘s health network

based on a lot of investigation and research, the scientists found that more and more of the body and some odd clues are like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and cancer, the disease symptoms of early signal.

using a mirror and a tape, some can predict your physical condition of self detection, plus some strategies can escape the fate of heaven "".

1 finger length

, a study published in the Journal Arthritis &, 2008, found that women with a shorter index finger than the ring finger may have a two times greater risk of knee joint arthritis than other women, according to a study published in the Journal Rheumatism. The researchers also said that those with obvious male characteristics were more likely to have low levels of estrogen secretion, which may have a significant impact on the development of arthritis. read more

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Every day 22 breast health network tofu to protect women

Zheng Ying, director of the

Center for Disease Control and prevention, Shanghai, pointed out that since 2002, they have about 5000 years old in Shanghai City, about the age of 20 – year-old breast cancer patients, for up to 5 years of follow-up. The results showed that eating soy products significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence and death. Compared with the lowest intake group, breast cancer patients with the highest intake of soy protein, the risk of death can be reduced by 29%, the risk of recurrence can be reduced by 32%. read more

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Women need to be wary of ten black women ratite Health Network

A lot of

/ MM are very distressed and confused, why his flat chested? In fact, our body is not the genetic determinant of your breast size, but the day after tomorrow when you breast development do a lot of harm it. Take a look at those you don’t know it not only let you hand flat chested, chest flat, and accelerates the aging of the breast.

Black 1 developmental phases: a healthy diet

in the stage of breast development, if the drug to lose weight, it will cause endocrine disorders, which cause the imbalance of sex hormones secretion, affecting the development of the breast! read more

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Female chest small will affect fertility ‘s health network

after the clinical discovery of women of childbearing age, fat some of the female friends, the breasts will be larger; and the more thin women, the breasts will be relatively small, this is due to the role of fat. In this case, the small breast, may be due to physical factors, may also be caused by factors such as malnutrition, are within the normal range, generally will not affect the future of marriage and childbearing and lactation. One of the factors of malnutrition caused by the smaller breasts, should consciously increase nutrition, exercise, enhance physical fitness, so that it is possible to make the breasts bigger. read more