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Open stores to three points – that whole


has many advantages, but the pressure is also greater, in the current market is not the first choice for every entrepreneur. And in the whole of the big market, to join the venture has become the choice of more people. Therefore, the opening of the store is a lot of entrepreneurship are expected to start the business, but before the opening of the franchise, you are also ready to do it, tell you the following three to open the store before you need to know.

1, investors are interested in joining their own projects, it is best to secretly. You can be a few ordinary customers, to have the intention to join the franchise store consumption, to the identity of the customer and the owner and staff to talk about the day, and secretly estimate on turnover and operating cost, analysis of customer groups, consumption time etc.. You have the best patient in the study, for several days, several stores, and then look at your own research conclusion and the introduction are consistent with the chief integrity immediately see the outcome.

2, just like the entry of animals and plants need quarantine, as well as some foreign brands also need to be "quarantine". Although some foreign brands are very successful in foreign operations, however, when entering the Chinese market, it may be acclimatized". If you just copy the foreign model and not pay attention to the local situation, you have to consider carey. In the foreign brands have just joined, the risks and opportunities are often relatively large, which is a test of the franchisee.

3, you want to grasp the degree of perfection with joining the project, can prepare some questions to test. Such as the leader of franchising how understanding level of this model, if there is a franchise management manual and operating manual available, whether on site specific issues such as very responsible, whether to attach importance to the follow-up management and advertising support…… If you can answer your questions more y, the project will pass the exam.

open stores is the choice of business good, but now the market risk to bear is also very big, competition is extremely fierce, therefore, only in this industry is more clear, can make the business really get better development. So, if you are ready to open the store, the above three points to know?

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