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Koi breeding bring amazing wealth in return

now, the choice of breeding programs for college students, find their own projects, you can win the first bucket of gold in life. Enjoy the fish farming demonstration park, he farmed carp has been 2 years.

  "80 students, breeding Koi, online sales and other labels, coupled with a sincere smile on the face, is the first impression that Huang Jinkui gives a person. In the town of Xiqing District Jingwu ornamental fish breeding demonstration park, he farmed carp has been 2 years.

"two seat for greenhouse, nursery and winter feeding; the new extension of the 50 acres of fish ponds will be enabled, will become the 3 million ‘tail water’ new home." Huang Jinkui told reporters at his facility. Last year, a total of more than 10 thousand commercial fish sold, this year, is expected to reach the end of 30 thousand, to the end of each market price of $40, sales will reach about one million."

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