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How do emerging websites do online marketing and promotion

Advantages and disadvantages of

eye benefit to emerging web sites

Internet is a "law of the jungle" small society, every second will have a new culture (website) is established, and the discerning users are their "decisions are of vital importance. Thus, many "website merchants" simply believe that the hunt for a large number of "eyeball" naturally has good room for development, however, this is not the case:


" and "eye phenomena" are usually associated with "war of words". Therefore, when a network culture (Web site) is concerned by many people, the stakeholders tend to analyze it according to their own views or interests, and discuss with other Internet users". In the controversial war of network culture, if the positive analysis of Internet users is greater than negative analysis, it may promote the development of network culture (website), but conversely, it will fall into an embarrassing situation.

two, the Internet as a derivative of the emerging culture, but also provides a convenient conditions for its creation. Therefore, when the new network culture (website) is recognized by people, it often means "copy" and "Shanzhai". Can not deny that this phenomenon to promote role for the development and popularization of the new culture, but on the other hand, blind followers once increased, it is difficult to establish a good system of decentralized development situation will naturally affect the sui generis, new culture network (website) the overall direction.

at the beginning of 07, in the UK office to me "swoopo", is also the first to understand that "online auction" of this new form of shopping; 08 years, I will be back to this new culture network China, hoping to tap into another world Chinese online shopping market; 09 years, my auction the website "auction net (" successful on-line, and in half a year to create tens of thousands of registered users not to score; the same year, the Internet auction culture is gradually recognized, many auction sites have appeared; in 2010, despite the "beat" development system need to be improved, but the network culture is in today’s auction people’s life left an indelible imprint.

here, I would like to share with you, my "beat the net", this new network of cultural marketing and promotion of the way:

hard publicity

has seen many friends share promotional experiences before, but it is difficult to find "hard publicity" in them". Do you want to avoid it or do you think it is unnecessary to talk on the desktop? I think, for an emerging network culture or a new website, hard publicity is an important prerequisite for opening the market.

in order to play a good promotion role through hard publicity, select the delivery of the carrier site is a critical step. Personally believe that, Sina, Sohu and other large comprehensive portals best effect, after all, a large number of users and large amount of investment is only more capital. If you put your advertisement in

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