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Lift the lid to her – centered website analysis (two)

notes: This is not a web analysis problem, not the "on-line" "line", not even the business problem, but the problem of "money".

in the "off the lid to her -1", I mainly discuss the necessity and possibility of human centered site analysis, and introduces several methods. In brief, in the analysis of human centered websites, the most important thing is to understand people, it is better to identify people, and then put people at the core of communication and analysis. This demand is not specific to the site analysis, actually in the basic course of marketing, the first lesson we have learned is to determine the target customers, so whether it is television commercials, magazine advertisements or advertisements, we will consider the concept of target customers. But in the analysis of the website, we are exposed to more behavioral data, and can be tracked and monitored, but the target customer has been forgotten. When we just clicked, according to sources, time interval data to segment the website of the visits, whether the thought of visitor? When we think of the time to think of what is Visitor, whether the target customers, which is the customer, which is a potential customer, which are job seekers, which is to watch the?


‘s analysis of Human Centered Web sites requires user-centric, site-centric, and other technologies to work together to complement each other. Personally feel that in the short term, web analytics industry has two trends, one is a combination of User-centric and Site-centric, one is Site-centric and Datamining, combined with profiling techniques (Analytics Marketing). The day before or accuse each other of friends, now Comscore and Omniture cooperation has become (but also chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival did not see any results, disappointing); while the MediaMetrie is launched its own website analysis tool -eStat (FR), although now see what tools do not, but the thought of combining its future and mother Panel, or exciting; SAS also timely introduction of their website analysis scheme, and their strong combination of datamining technology, real-time to the user profiling. In fact, these two trends are hidden, and website analysis should provide information to CRM. We pay attention to collecting and recording customer information in the store and at Call Center, so there is no reason to ignore the collection of user information on such an important website as the website. The cooperation between Acxiom and Unica should make a difference on this road. From the company’s own point of view, its own CRM system should also open a door to web analytics software; Saleforce is already

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