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How does the trend website HYPEBEAST come on the market How did it get from a blog to this day

HYPEBEAST grabbed the Internet from the start, and it was originally based on young people’s intuition about the way the trend of information travels.

in fashion, the word "Hypebeast" refers to those of fashion extremely crazy, want to get the popular fling caution to the winds of people.

Hongkong based fashion company HYPEBEAST was established in 2005, was originally a private fashion blog, but because those who aspire to fashion items quickly attracted young people, it now has three current information website with a business platform. Quartz, a new the Atlantic media magazine, described the company as "the king of underground fashion"".

HYPEBEAST is not even a big company. As of 2015 March fiscal year 2015, its total revenue of less than HK $100 million. Now, the company is planning to expand its size through public financing. In April 11th, HYPEBEAST LIMITED was listed on the GEM board of the Hongkong board of exchange. Proceeds from the issue of new shares will be used for the expansion of the team, electricity providers, brands and product categories.

investors initially showed great enthusiasm for the company, which mainly serves young people between the ages of 18 and 35. The first day of listing, the market value of HYPEBEAST reached HK $5 billion 600 million, although the day of the stock decline in the later, but finally closed at HK $2 billion 100 million, close to the trend of Hongkong "2005 listed senior clothing retailer I.T. The latter had a market capitalization of HK $2 billion 242 million over the same period. But I.T’s revenue is about 70 times that of HYPEBEAST. 2014/2015 fiscal year, I.T retail sales rose 6.9% to 6 billion 893 million Hong Kong dollars.

, however, the market value of HYPEBEAST has shrunk to HK $fifth on the 770 million day after the listing. Despite investor confidence in the company’s future, HYPEBEAST’s price earnings ratio is still more than 7 times that of I.T. P / E is the ratio of the market price per share to earnings per share. The higher the P / E ratio, the better the company is.

how did the small company with only 1 people start today? What are the possible problems in its future development?

What is


explains HYPEBEAST in a single sentence, which would be a platform that provides both fashion trends, information content and marketing trends. "Trend" is its key word.

HYPEBEAST was originally a trend information website for male fashion readers (three websites in English, Japanese and Chinese), and new paper magazines were added in 2012

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