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Ali mom’s strategy, you accept itSmall electricity technology founder in thinking about sharing the

your expected revenue in June totaled 68.28 yuan, after deducting $10.24 mom’s technical service charge, the actual income before tax is expected to be 58.04 yuan

compared with his peers, small electric science and technology announced that the new year covering 30 cities ambition is not big, Tang Yongbo intends to control the rhythm of expansion. In his view, the B2B2C model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years. "It’s okay to hit forty."." Tang Yongbo joked.

that’s not a good idea. Innovation is a good thing, but consider the habits and acceptance of the station owner. If Ali’s mother pays all of the advertiser’s fees to the publisher, the webmaster won’t believe it, even if it’s true. If Ali mother has deducted part of the cost, but instead can be released to accept.


Ali mother withholding personal income tax 0 yuan, is expected in June after tax, the actual income of 58.04 yuan

with the completion of this round of financing, small power technology has become the first company to obtain B round of financing in the field of shared charging treasure. Other companies are also secretly competing, and even on the same day, there are two other shared treasure companies, announced the news of intensive financing. This seems to indicate, after sharing bicycle again after a fierce battle is about to start.

Tang Yongbo: we decided at that time that there might be a lot of people coming in, but I didn’t expect such a fire so soon. In particular, I did not expect that some of the more traditional sense of the late fund is now speeding up the coming. Like millet, Hillhouse capital of this mechanism, otherwise they are the only come in, but now they are in the company early when he came in, so we feel the whole some changes in the market. In the case of relatively few entrepreneurs, the effect of capital concentration is more obvious.

package is fully free, and within three days after the end of the advertisement, the advertiser has no objection, and the money goes directly into your account.

recently, he will receive an interview with the media at 11 in the evening. Since the beginning of this year to share the charge treasure become an air outlet, he has been this non-stop state.

In fact,

this is a widely criticized behavior, but also a lot of publishers eventually choose to give up Ali mother advertising one reason, although Ali mother’s original intention is good.

the war, Tang Yongbo looked promising. For jumei, Chen Ou beauty group and other different industries to enter the game player, he is not worried, he wants to do is to quickly first mover advantage into capital first mover advantage and operation of the product first mover advantage, for 3-4 months window period.

recently in just one month’s time, the small electric technology has announced another round of financing, the amount of financing more than 450 million yuan, and the investment is behind the ultra luxury lineup, angel investors including investment hungry, ofo drops, Jinsha River partner Zhu Xiaohu, as well as a strategic investor in the early round of incoming A Tencent. At the beginning of the May small power technology completed by Sequoia Capital and Gao Rong capital lead investor, Tencent continue to cast a new round of financing, financing amounted to 350 million yuan.

Ali mother who suffered injustice, because the deduction amount "from the webmaster very want a" buckle "alliance, so Ali mother chose not to buckle, the advertisers advertising truthfully at the publisher stationmaster income reflected in the. Of course, Ali mother also want to survive, so there is a technical service fee said, the webmaster’s income will be deducted 15% as Ali mother’s service charge.

PS: how does the webmaster see the data?

as the founder of small electrical technology >

suggested that Ali’s mother rethink the strategy, which I think would be user experience,

would rather buckle it than give it up. In the background show income has always been recognized by the webmaster is their own money, the results to the settlement, first deduct technical service fees, and then deduct personal income tax, the webmaster is very uncomfortable.

advertising alliance is always out of the way into the first from the price, that is to say the publisher saw revenue is deducted from their income advertising advertisers in the cost of shlf1314, AdSense and sh419 theme promotion is used this way. The pursuit of innovation, Ali mother in the opposite direction, the advertiser’s expenses are reflected in the publisher’s income column, and then use the service fee extraction.

, however, as a stand at the cusp of the people, many times, Tang Yongbo also need to face the market on the sharing of charging treasure business model, demand, the future of space questioned.

took to give and take is a completely different experience, you can put out money to give the webmaster webmaster but not money deducted, otherwise no one will give you face. This is China’s network truth, if you violated this principle will be scolded, Ali mother’s technical service charge is a typical example.

above data does not include packet billing advertising revenue, data for reference only, the actual situation after the monthly income account in the detailed data prevail.

in December last year when the establishment of small power technology, have you thought of sharing rechargeable treasure will become an industry on the wind?

"I feel like I’m in a strange state now that I want to stop and I’m afraid I can’t stop."." On the morning of May 11th, Tang Yongbo said in an interview with the press in Beijing. Tang Yongbo is the founder of small electricity technology, before he was Alibaba’s catering service platform Amoy bit founder.

in June

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