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The nternet explosion domain domain name held by a Alibaba called a threat

[introduction] Lai Qixing said, his threat is claiming Alibaba insiders of the company, because he had registered the domain name, Alibaba to "robbery", if you do not hand over the domain name is to cut off his hand or a broken leg.

"I want to go to the police station this afternoon, this time I can’t wait for an accident on tenterhooks every day, then go to the police, this is what ah?" when the reporter contacted Lai Qixing of Wuxi, he said two times have threatened to take action to protect themselves, so. Lai Qixing said, his threat is claiming Alibaba insiders of the company, because he had registered the domain name, Alibaba to "robbery", so "liangzi". However, Alibaba said it would not bother bored hype.

said, threatened to break a leg cut off hand

at the beginning of January, Lai Chi Hsing in a well-known domestic forum issued an article entitled to "thin and tough I Alibaba domain name rights of way" posts. The reason why the post, it was a threat to me, I was so that the majority of users to witness, in order to ensure my personal safety." Lai Qixing said that a man claiming to be insiders Alibaba dynamic Superman, do everything possible to allow to give up the domain name, and finally become a bare language threat.

Lai Qixing is acquainted with "dynamic Superman" in a rights QQ group, at first the latter very supportive of his activism, called ma and Alibaba, which makes Lai Qixing very touched, and familiar with both sides. But then, the dynamic Superman and goodwill to persuade Lai Qixing not to fight with Alibaba, said it would not have a good result, but did not play a role in persuasion. Next, the "dynamic Superman" is also known as the Alibaba and internal staff, said the Alibaba has acquired China million net. Lai Qixing’s domain name is registered in the Chinese nets, "(they) want to give me a poison pill, directly to Chinese million net cancel my domain name".

in order to allow the other party to believe their identity, dynamic Superman returned to Lai Qixing, a number of Alibaba’s internal photos, such as the president of Wei Wei deal with documents, Ma Yun sitting in the car. Even so, Lai Chi Hsing is still reluctant to give up their own domain name, so the "dynamic Superman" starts to naked language threat to him: "don’t fight with me, you know? I play with you", "I can let a person fall into the bottom of the moment"…… "That’s what the man said, and he announced my address." Lai Qixing said.

feels threatened, Lai Qixing in January 5th to the local police station. But he did not expect that, after the alarm, there is a claim to be the internal staff of Alibaba contacted him. "The man with the name of Alex says that there will be a mystery man following me. Also said to spend money to find a beater is easy, cut off a hand or break a leg. >

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